Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Helen used her science teacher skills and made a pinhole viewer for me. Everyone else had glasses from school and Helen didn't want me to be left out or hurt my eyes.

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I walked down to the end of the street, where some neighbors were gathered, for the eclipse viewing

They said the eclipse was 98% in our area. You would think that would be enough, but 2% is still a lot of sunlight.

Colors got muted like at dusk, the temperature dropped, and bugs started chirping.

Crescent shaped shadows through the trees

Helen joined us after her school viewing party. Mr Joe letting her use his welding mask.

Derek skipped class on his first day at Georgia Tech and drove to north Georgia with some friends for a better view

He took his friends back downtown to Tech and then drove back up here to pickup his hockey stuff for a late game. His hockey stuff was in the garage when we woke up, so we assume he made it back to Tech in time for class today. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Derek's Gone To Georgia Tech

Derek packing his stuff earlier in the week for the move to Georgia Tech on Thursday

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Getting ready to go to dinner Wednesday night before Derek leaves in the morning

Making sure his new microwave oven works

Derek went on a last minute buying frenzy. It was like Christmas with all the packages showing up.

Staged and ready

A lot less stuff in his bedroom

Saying goodbye to Lulu

The tears have been flowing all year and now the moment is here

Derek loaded up our car with all his stuff

Derek left Thursday morning, about an hour before us, in order to get his parking permit and room key

Following Derek about an hour later

...and crawling through all the campus commotion

Lots of empty packing boxes out front

Derek's dorm, Towers, is along the I-75/85 freeway, but his room faces the other way, towards the campus

I stayed in the same dorm when I went to Tech, but didn't recognize it with all the renovations. I guess it has been a really long time.

Chase hasn't arrived yet

Derek didn't know his roommate, Chase, before being placed together, but they have had some text conversations over the summer.

Welcome signs from the RA

We had just gotten things moved in when Derek got a call that we needed to move our car

It was hot and crowded. With all the commotion and stress there was no time to be emotional.

We found some visitor parking in the deck where Derek parked his car and set off on a tour of campus

Before leaving home, we had asked Derek to indulge us and allow us to soak up the moment a little. He was probably regretting the agreement after the stress of the move and the heat, but he indulged us. 

The Physics building lecture halls look pretty similar to when I was there

Derek's major is Mechanical Engineering. He has an 8 o'clock linear algebra class and physics class here starting early Monday morning.

He was happy to see left handed desks

Iced coffee

We peeked in the bakery café and got a pleasant surprise - Shundra, a friend and former coworker of mine who works for Tech, was having lunch there with a friend

She told Derek to let her know if he needed anything

Lyman Hall where I took chemistry classes

Lyman Hall has been gutted and renovated. Much nicer than I remember.

Watching the Georgia Tech convocation ceremony Sunday evening