Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sweetwater State Park

Derek headed back to work after buying his car and we decided to do some hiking around nearby Sweetwater State Park

We had taken the boys fishing here when they were really young

Nice visitor center





We had seen Fred's Bar-B-Q House restaurant across the street from where Derek bought his car and decided to eat there after our hike

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Derek's Old Man Car

Derek and I leaving Saturday to look at his prospective "old man" car

With Adam getting his driver's license and me wrecking the Leaf, we needed another car. I gave Derek the option of trading his Honda Fit back to us for another comparably priced car of his choice. I knew that, since joining the Wreck Racing Club, he's much more knowledgeable, capable, and selective with cars. After a couple weeks of research he settled on the Lexus 430 sedan. He likes the reliability, build quality, and cruise-ability of the car. He doesn't care that his friends and family call it an "old man" car. He says his friends in the car club and those in the know...know.  

Back to the Black Forest dealership on Monday to buy the car

Helen and Adam watching Big Valley in the lobby while the deal gets done

Helen looking at the FJ Cruiser for sale

Derek taking us for a ride in his new car

Adam in the driver's seat of his new used Honda Fit